how to grow plumbing business

Wants to know how to grow plumbing business?

Services like cleaning, gardening, plumbing, electrical work, and other types of handy work services are needed by pretty much everyone. Because of the same, you may even have a plumbing business of your own or might be planning to start one. Although, due to multiple plumbing businesses in most areas and high competition, growing your business and getting sales as a plumbing service can be quite difficult.

Thus, we are here with a complete guide to growing plumbing business. By implementing the right business tactics and practices, you can not only get a lot of plumbing business but also retain your clients in the long run. So, make sure to go through this business guide till the end to grow your plumbing business.

Growing Plumbing Business-Detailed Guide

Whether you are running a multi-service handyman business or one specifically for plumbing, different businesses will have different goals and target customers. Due to this, you need to try out various things in order to run a successful business. More importantly, the more things you try for running a business, the more chances you have for making your business successful. Hence, here are some of the best ways to grow a plumbing business:

Identifying Your Target Customers

Before anything else, you need to identify your target customers and understand the people you want to sell your services to. While some plumbing businesses might just be for repairs, others might be for plumbing installations in completely new homes. Similarly, some plumbing services might be affordable, and others might be targeted at higher-end homes. You can pick your ideal customer type by doing basic research on your area and understanding the plumbing needs for the same.

Planning and Prioritizing Your Goals

Once you have identified your target customers, you can start planning and growing your business around the same. Since there are a lot of tasks, activities, and processes involved in any business, you definitely need to plan out things before executing them. This involves considering your long-term goals, tasks needed to start a business, when and how to execute various business tasks, and much more. By planning all of these things in advance, you can be assured that your business stays on track over time.

Hiring Qualified and Experienced Plumbers

After planning out the complete plan and roadmap for your business, you need to start hiring qualified and experienced plumbers. Depending on the scale of your plumbing business, you may have to hire just one or multiple plumbers at once. In either case, make sure that you are only hiring highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced plumbers. This will ensure high-quality service at all times, which is great for your business in the long run.

Utilize Plumbing Business Management Software

Planning out the roadmap for your plumbing business itself is a pretty long task. And because your business tasks will only increase with time, implementing and utilizing plumbing service management software is highly recommended. Since such software will save you a lot of time, you can focus on other things in your business. By using plumbing business management software like JobArmer, you can automate your appointments, make contracts, manage your employees, offer better communications, take customer reviews, and pretty much all the regular tasks required for growing a plumbing business.

Increase Sales with Online Advertising and SEO

While reaching out to potential customers using offline means like posters and giving out flyers is definitely handy, you can reach a larger customer base using online means like online advertising and SEO. As you can expect, by running high-quality online ads for your business, you can spread more awareness of your plumbing business, which will increase your sales. Similarly, by optimizing your blog and social media pages for SEO, you can get more traffic on the same. This will effectively increase your plumbing business sales as well.

Post Customer Feedback & Reviews Online

Once you start getting sales and customers for your plumbing business, you need to start asking them for reviews. These reviews can be directly posted on Google and Yelp by the customers themselves. As you collect more customer reviews, your plumbing business will seem more reputable on websites like Google and Yelp. Depending on the quality of the reviews, these reviews can also help show how great your plumbing business is.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Service Quality

Speaking of the quality of reviews, make sure to offer the best possible service to all of your customers. If your plumbing business is offering high quality services, you can expect to get more referral business and returning customers. More importantly, high-quality services will lead to better online reviews, which results in even more sales from online websites like Google and Yelp.

Offer Maintenance & Inspection Plans

Since most people only call for a plumbing service in case of plumbing issues, getting regular sales can be a bit difficult. You can combat this by offering maintenance and inspection plans with your plumbing business. Since everyone wants to avoid plumbing issues altogether, you can offer maintenance plans. Customers will love to pay you for the same to have peace of mind and avoid plumbing issues in the longer as well.

Partner with Realtors and Property Managers

When you are talking about handyman services like plumbing and electrical work, these are mostly needed at construction sites. One of the best ways to find ongoing construction in your area is to partner up with realtors and property managers. Since realtors are trying to sell properties under development, they can help you find plumbing work at such properties.


Running a small plumbing service or a large-scale plumbing business can be quite difficult. Thankfully, if you know the right business practices, insights, and tactics, you can definitely get more sales and run a successful business over time. This is also true for growing a plumbing business, as we have explained above. With this detailed guide on how to grow plumbing businesses, you will learn everything regarding plumbing businesses to increase your sales. Also, feel free to leave any questions or doubts in the comments section as well.