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Software for roofing businesses

Roofing Business Software

Use JobArmer to manage your roofing company more efficiently and win over clients. CRM,
scheduling, estimating, and client communications—all in one location.

What is business software for roofers?

Project managers can send estimates, keep track of job details, schedule roofers, send invoices, and receive payment from the office or the job site with the aid of roofing business software like JobArmer.
With JobArmer, managing customer, invoice, and payment information in one location is simple and you can easily track time on each roofing job.

Here’s how JobArmer’s field service management software makes your roofing company work better for both you and your clients:

Assisting you in running a successful roofing business

You are tethered to a roof for the majority of the day as a roofer, up high. The last thing you want is to be hooked up to a computer when you eventually make it back to Earth.
Using JobArmer’s roofing business software, you can streamline your workflow by reducing administrative work at every stage of the project. This entails having a single, user-friendly platform for scheduling, quoting, customer communication, job management, invoicing, and payments.

Software for Estimating Roofs

Quickly and simply create expert estimates with optional line items and photos. When they’re ready, your customer can sign electronically, approve, request a change, and pay a deposit
Software For Managing Roofing jOBS

Line items that are optional

Include a direct recommendation for premium roofing materials or extra services in the quote. Before approving, customers can pick the options they want and watch as their total updates automatically.

Solutions built for commercial and residential contractors Commercial Residential

Quotation extensions

Increase your winning percentage and carry on with your work. Customers who you haven't heard from via email or text are automatically emailed a follow-up message by JobArmer.

Mobile integrated notification


Increase your winning percentage and carry on with your work. Customers who you haven't heard from via email or text are automatically emailed a follow-up message by JobArmer.

Create estimates, issue invoices and get paid

Finance for Consumers

Gain greater (and larger) employment with Wisetack's consumer-friendly financing. While you receive upfront payment without any hassle, your customers receive what they want now and pay for it gradually.

Software for Scheduling Roofs

Create personalized team schedules and plan your visits effectively to boost productivity. With JobArmer, you can track the progress of your crew, add jobs to your calendar more quickly, and adjust your schedule at any time.
Drag and drop jobs

Calendar: drag and drop

With just a single click, drag, and drop, you can quickly reschedule roofing jobs or assign them to a different contractor.

Quick reporting software

Chart and navigation

Create the quickest, most fuel-efficient route automatically while you see the stops you'll be making during the day. As new work requests come in, use GPS to determine which team member is closest to handle site assessments.

Maximise Profits

Tracking of progress

Examine the daily schedule of each crew member's visits and track their progress to avoid any delays.

Instant notification

Push notifications for the team

A crew member's phone will automatically notify them of any changes you make to their workday schedule, including all the details.

Software for Managing Roofing Jobs

Record job specifics in one location, such as roof pitches, heights, and equipment requirements. From the office, truck, or scaffolding, your crew can always access the information they need to complete the job correctly thanks to JobArmer, which keeps track of all customer and project data within the app.
Job Costing

Job specifics

To ensure that visits are completed without any room for error, keep crucial information at your fingertips, such as takeoffs, measurements of the roof, and materials.

Manage your customers easily

Worksheets and checklists

Manage compliance forms in JobArmer and record important information on the spot. Next, employ personalized checklists to establish responsibility and guarantee excellent work from your team.

Mobile integrated notification

Texts "On-my-way"

Customers can be informed that you are running late or are on your way by sending a pre-written text message with just one click.

Workplace monitoring

After the project is finished, send an automated follow-up email to thank the client or to get feedback on your services. You can also ask for a review.

Software for Roofing Invoicing

Use JobArmer to expedite the invoicing process and receive payment more quickly. Create a polished invoice in just one click that is prepared to send to your customer, complete with precise job details and practical payment options.
Solutions built for commercial and residential contractors Commercial Residential


Quickly generate an invoice that is simple to send to clients via email or text message, complete with the branding of your roofing business, contact details, and job details.

Manage your customers easily

Follow-ups on invoices

Your cash flow will improve if you stop chasing payments. JobArmer automatically follows up with customers who have unpaid invoices via text or email.

Accounting Integration

Card payments online

Provide customers with easy ways to make payments online. Clients can pay their invoice online using a credit card or an ACH bank transfer, or in person with a single tap.

Invoicing & Payments

Instantaneous payments

Access funds—even on weekends and holidays—shortly after payment is received.

Make things simple for your clients.

Make a distinctive impression on the competition. Provide a dependable communication channel and a polished online experience from the first estimate to the last bill.
Job Costing

Expert Quotes

Send out expert quotes that are branded with your company's logo and line item photos to prospective clients so they can see the kind of quality service they can anticipate from your business.

Mobile integrated notification

Dependable communication

To ensure that clients never feel neglected, inform them before, during, and after the job. Customers receive automated texts and emails that notify them of documents that require their attention and provide updates as the work is completed.

24/7 Customer care support

Customer Center

Give clients round-the-clock access to a personal web portal where they can easily and swiftly make payments, examine scheduled jobs, accept roofing estimates, and request new work.

Online lead bookings

Online Reservation

Provide a booking page that clients can use to schedule your roofing services. You can share this page on your website, social media accounts, or client hub.

QuickBooks integration

Easy Ways to Pay

Provide customers with convenient online payment options, such as credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or ACH bank payment, to make paying their roofing invoices easier.

Technician Mobile App

Customer Relationship Manager

Provide each client with individualized service that makes them feel like your top priority. The roofing CRM software from JobArmer keeps track of crucial customer data in one location, including estimates, historical service information, invoices, and a complete billing history.