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Window Cleaning Software

JobArmer streamlines your window cleaning business by combining quoting, routing, CRM, and payments into a single platform

What is window cleaning business software?

Window cleaning service software such as JobArmer enables business owners to generate professional quotes, track job details, and efficiently schedule and dispatch crew members.
JobArmer allows you to easily track time on the job, manage inventory, and keep your data up to date without double entry.
JobArmer enables you to run your commercial or residential window cleaning business seamlessly. Here’s how.

Making window cleaning services run smoothly for your business.

Running a residential or commercial window cleaning business requires you to be constantly on the move—quoting work, managing job details, scheduling services, and handling administrative tasks in the meantime.
JobArmer automatically flows job details from the initial request to the invoice. You can collect a deposit before the job, securely store your client’s credit card, and charge them immediately once the work is completed. Automated texts and emails will keep your customers informed at all times.
JobArmer’s window washing service software allows you to create a single, seamless workflow. That makes it simple to quote, schedule, invoice, and receive payment all in one place.

Window Cleaning Quotes Software

Quote new window cleaning jobs faster, whether from the field or the office. JobArmer allows you to create, send, and track professional-looking estimates that customers can easily approve online.

Optional line items

Win bigger jobs by including additional services (such as gutter cleaning or pressure washing) in your window cleaning quote.

Quote Follow-ups

To assist you in winning more jobs and continuing to work, JobArmer automatically follows up with customers from whom you have not heard back.

Quote approvals

Make it simple for customers to approve quotes, request changes, and pay deposits online through client hub, their self-service portal.


View the estimated margin on your quotes and modify your pricing accordingly. JobArmer helps you determine the best price for your window cleaning services.

Window Cleaning Scheduling Software

Schedule window cleaning jobs and find the quickest way to fit more work into your day. JobArmer provides a clear visual representation of your team’s availability, allowing you to avoid overbooking, underbooking, and the dreaded double booking.

Drag and drop calendar

Drag and drop calendar

Map and Routing

Instantly generate the quickest, most fuel-efficient routes to fit more work into your day. When a last-minute window cleaning job comes in, assign it to the nearest technician based on GPS location.

Progress tracking

View a timeline of each window cleaner's daily visits and monitor their progress to avoid delays.

Team push notifications

When you make a change to an employee's workday, they will receive an automatic notification on their phone with all of the details.

Windows Cleaning Job Management Software

Access job details from your mobile device to help reduce field chaos. JobArmer provides your team with the information they need to complete the job correctly—without requiring phone calls back to the office.

On-my-way texts

Use the JobArmer mobile app to quickly send standardized text messages to customers letting them know you're on your way (or running late).

Job Details

Manage and access important job details from the job site, such as the number of windows, roof pitch, and photos, to ensure that the work is completed smoothly.

Job forms and checklists

Create custom checklists that cover the tasks to be completed to ensure top-notch service on each visit. Then, share them with customers to confirm that the work was completed on-site.

Job Follow-Ups

After the window washing job is finished, collect feedback on your services, request a review, or simply say thank you with automated messages.

Window Washing Invoicing Software

Invoice window cleaning jobs and get paid faster. Create a professional invoice with accurate job details that is ready to send to your customer with a single click.


Instantly convert job information into customer-friendly invoices. Alternatively, send multiple invoices at once using batch invoicing.

Invoice Follow-ups

Stop chasing payments. JobArmer uses automated email or text follow-ups to remind customers to pay their outstanding window washing invoices.

Card payments online

Make it simple for clients to make online bank or credit card payments. For added convenience, customers can enter their information manually or through Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Automated Payments

Without doing anything, get compensated for your window cleaning services. Perfect for recurring work, JobArmer automatically charges the customer card that is saved on file.

Make things simple for your clients.

Make a distinctive impression on the competition. You can provide a polished online experience and dependable communication from the moment a request is made until the money is paid in full with JobArmer.

Customer Center

Give clients round-the-clock access to a personal web portal where they can easily pay invoices, request services, approve quotes, and review the specifics of upcoming appointments.

Online Inquiries

Use the request form on your website, social media accounts, or client hub to allow clients to request window cleaning services along with their preferred times and dates for an appointment.

Expert Quotes

Send out expert quotes that are personalized with your branding and job details to prospective clients, demonstrating to them the caliber of service they can anticipate from your window cleaning business.

Easy Ways to Pay

Provide clients with a simple option to pay their window cleaning bills online or in person using ACH bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card payments.

Dependable Communication

In order to ensure that clients never feel neglected, stay in touch with them before, during, and after the job. Customers receive automated texts and emails that notify them of documents that require their attention and provide updates as the work is completed.

Customer Relationship Manager

Provide each client with individualized service that makes them feel like your top priority. The window cleaning management software from JobArmer keeps track of crucial data in one location, including jobs, estimates, invoices, and a complete billing history.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of window cleaning software that is tailored to your company is to help you grow, manage, and sustain your enterprise. Automating a number of mundane tasks, including keeping track of appointments and sending out final invoices, keeps you informed at all times. It gives your business the dependability and professionalism that customers want in the service industry, such as window washing.
The purpose of window cleaning software that is tailored to your company is to help you grow, manage, and sustain your enterprise. Automating a number of mundane tasks, including keeping track of appointments and sending out final invoices, keeps you informed at all times. It gives your business the dependability and professionalism that customers want in the service industry, such as window washing.
Prioritise knowing what you need. It is important that you understand exactly what your business needs are. You will need to evaluate the size of your organisation and the productivity of your team in order to classify the features and integrations that are critical to your business.

The next stage is to thoroughly comprehend your solution. By utilising a free trial or demo, you should carefully examine the programme you require and determine whether it meets your requirements.
It is generally advisable to gather location data from your employees as it provides you with a reasonable understanding of their shift timings. You can determine when they began and ended their task by looking at their timestamps. If they happen to be close to the needed location, it will also let you assign a new assignment.
It is necessary because it facilitates goal accomplishment. It assembles and arranges the resources, arranges the manufacturing components, and conveniently integrates the assets.

It concentrates group efforts on reaching preset goals. Since the entire process is now digital, this is an essential element to have in any software.
First, it’s important to understand when inventory management is necessary and when it isn’t. It is only necessary if the field technicians need to keep track of how they use expensive or large amounts of merchandise. Additionally, you can maintain track of the supplies and equipment needed for your service thanks to inventory management built into your software.